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    Glad to see that our mod is still alive and liked by somebody :)
    Back in the day I've actually added in an option to turn off blips, but I guess it really is less cluttered without them. Keep up good work.

    05. mar 2019
  • 79ea20 15130745

    Great mod!
    However you would have my eternal gratitude if settings file was in .txt or .cfg, so it can be easier edited, and user could change default throttle key, since Ctrl is used very heavily in other mods (for me -- many LSPDFR plugins).
    Also if we could change default throttle percentage and not have to edit it on game start. I, for example, use 30%, so have to change it every time.

    Anyway, great work. Keep it up! :)

    12. feb 2017
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    @Creepton Поддержка давно есть, мы тестили с xbox-овским контроллером. Убедись, что в опциях мода не стоит false.
    В любом случае, рейтинг уже не поменяется, да и мод умер. Нет времени, да и желания, если честно, тоже.

    10. apr 2016
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    Hello everyone and sorry for such a delay in mod updates and news. I honestly thought that my job and other activities will allow me some free time to develop this mod, but reality proved me wrong. So yes, @mzaliac14, I think it is safe to say now that this mod is dead.

    There are 3 main reasons for this:
    1. LUA plugin, which we based our work at, is no longer supported by its creator, and moving to C#, being possible, proved to demand too much time;
    2. Neither me nor Hennysmafter have time for modding any more :(
    3. I personally did not play GTAV for the last half a year or even longer. Truth be told, I lost interest in the game long before we rolled out last versions of this mod. So there is a problem to find new passion for the game I do not launch;
    4. Far superior (but with somewhat different functionality) mod is out there and updated regularly -- that is SPA.
    5. I kind of ran out of ideas for future development. Radio, TV and such things are nice, but there are other mods for that already, all you have to do is use a little bit of imagination while playing and merging them with our mod. Incorporating all things into one mod is too time-consuming with too little a payoff for me as a developer :(

    Anyone can use our code in their projects. Just be warned that LUA engine for GTA is outdated.
    Thank you all for your support and patience. Good bye.

    10. apr 2016
  • 79ea20 15130745

    Just a small note.
    Work on C# conversion and 0.8.9 is resumed. Thank you all for your patience and support and sorry that our daily jobs interfere with modding too much.


    07. feb 2016
  • 79ea20 15130745

    Amazing job.
    This is a good replacement for Szabo's mod.

    04. feb 2016
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    @TeKno "enablehotels"-like variables are outdated and no longer work. They are left-overs from very early mod versions.

    04. feb 2016
  • 79ea20 15130745

    @Anubhav Glad it worked for you.
    And a quick update for all our mod users. The mod development is not stopped or discontinued, but both me and Hennysmafter have a ton of work on our main jobs (we both work full day), which we do for living, so until the end of the year we simply don't have enough time to do modding. Sorry about that.
    However, good news is that the Savehouse mod is moving from LUA to C#, so hopefully that will allow us to remove many bugs, add nicer UI and more features, which are currently not supported buy LUA plugin.
    Thank you for your patience and support! :)

    27. dec 2015
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    @2F2F Are you using Open All Interiors mod? It is not compatible with Savehouse mod.

    20. dec 2015
  • 79ea20 15130745

    @mrchazta Awesome mod, as usual.
    I've got a suggestion. You have 6 cars memory for fuel level, right? What if you create a global variable, something like
    fuel_script_car_fuel_level = {}
    and through table.insert input vehicle ID and fuel amount into it? This way your mod can be easily integrated with any car persistence mod, for example Szabo's, as player or mod maker would only need to add 2 lines with table.insert and read from saved array to keep fuel level in his owned car between game sessions. This would add a whole new level of immersion to the game!
    You can also add a global boolean so that other scripts know your script is active and can then use fuel persistence system.

    17. dec 2015