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    guys, the way you use this mod is to put the files in the game directory (avoid placing the 'd3d11.dll' file from Darker nights mod).
    Plus an additional file that you need to download from here, https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/reshade-sweetfx-graphics-mod
    And, copy the 'reshade.fx' and 'dxgi.dll' file from K-putt's Sweet FX to the game directory

    06. maj 2021
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    @ButtBanger I can help you

    21. apr 2021
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    Elsewhat, pls pls update this mod. It has such a huge potential. Please don't disrespect this mod.

    21. jun 2019
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    Hello. Is there a possibility that, the ped who is seated as a passenger in a vehicle can shoot with both of his hands?
    Right now, the ped is seated on the right side of the vehicle, as a passenger, and is shooting single-handedly with his left hand. I want him to shoot with his right hand, and it is much better if he can shoot with both hands.
    In fact (I don't know if it is possible, but maybe there is an other mod for this, idk), what I want is, to do a drive-by like they do in the game PUBG. If it is possible to shoot like that, like to pop head out of the vehicle and shoot with both hands, that would be really amazing.
    Any help will be much much appreciated. Thanks,

    06. apr 2019
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    Hello. Not working for me in anyway. I tried it so hard. But, I don't know what's the issue.
    I do spawn in the last location, I exited. But, I can't do anything at that time, and like after 3 seconds, I am teleported back to Franklim's new house, with Franklin(3 seconds must be the 3000 save position interval, I don't know)
    I do have a couple of mods, like Menyoo, ENT, scene director, etc.
    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    29. mar 2019