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    @iwrnxx ever find a fix? came back to gta 5 mods and believe it or not this mod and only this mod doesnt work, installed some of his new ones and old ones all work fine even the ones for the nozzles mod but i cant get this specific mod to work and i cant figure out why @SkylineGTRFreak would be much apricated if you could give me a suggestion or 2

    15. feb 2023
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    so i extracted the folder, put <Item>dlcpacks:\natf23</Item> inside of dlclist.xml and put the natf23 file inside of my dlcpacks folder but nothing pops up when i search for "natf23" all my other mods work including yours but this one wont, and ideas? because i really want to try this plane. 3 stars because i cant get it to work but i know your content is great!

    08. okt 2022