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    That happened to me as well. It happened when the partner spawns in the road and I assume gets hit by a car. I can't confirm exactly, but I think this is the reason. Once the partner has enough money to buy a car, I don't see this happening. My partner also dies a lot when we get in a shootout with the cops. Instead of getting in the car to get away, the partner continues the shootout in the streets and eventually dies. Can I suggest a force "Come here" option where the partner stops all other actions to come to you?

    As an alternate solution, can you make it so that the partner doesn't die, but instead gets sent to the hospital?

    I like that the partners can buy things. It really makes making money together fun. However, once the partner gets to a certain money total, they always buy an RPG, which is great for blowing up cars and helicopters but isn't exactly recommended for close-quarter combat. We all end up getting blown to smithereens! lol... May I suggest that we can select what purchased weapon the partner carries at a particular moment?

    05. sep 2022
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    @KaBee Gaming Thanks! It was the SciptHookVDotNet3 that I needed to update. I thought I had the latest one installed. Works perfectly now.

    30. avg 2022
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    It's not working for me. I have it in the scripts folder and Peds only have about $11 on them. What can I do?

    29. avg 2022
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    The CSA Business is not showing up to purchase. I have CSA_Business.dll & CSA_Business.pdb in the script folder. All other businesses are working fine except this one. All ScriptHooks up to date.

    12. avg 2022
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    Everyone, @Hunk has not updated this mod in over a year which is why everything does not work (house not showing up, not being able to go inside the house, can't drop off girlfriend at her house, etc.). Unless he comes back around, this mod will be as is. You would be better off looking at HKH91's alternative mod here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/player-companion

    Also, Dealien has a similar mod coming out soon, so be on the look out on that page: https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/dealien

    10. okt 2021
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    @Shadohz Tracey has a good amount of clothing options. There are some great Tracey mods here as well that should be compatible with this mod.

    22. sep 2021
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    For those of you having problems with the menus/mod appearing, make sure you have the LATEST ScriptHookVDotNet installed. You should have version 3.1. If you have a previous version, the mods will not show up.

    16. sep 2021
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    Some cars are disappearing after the latest update.

    08. sep 2021
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    Is there a way to tone down the raid attacks way down? It is near impossible to defend against all those attackers. Also, whenever I try to sell product in After Hours, I get to the yellow crate to make the delivery and nothing happens.

    31. avg 2021