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    Great mod but I got some issues:
    There is no HUD or menu and no conformation that the mod is active

    16. apr 2018
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    Hi this the best mod I got it works perfect with NVR. Few questions
    if you set to false
    is that means is not 100% going to rain in that example? What are the odds?
    Second can I make sequence of days or even weeks with different weather each day?
    If so can you give a us example how?
    Thank you

    16. apr 2018
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    I would love to use it but every time I save car, game crashes

    09. apr 2018
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    Does indeed I got mega pack installed with real names and then in mod itself you can change prices so is more realistic @MaxiPro777

    08. apr 2018
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    You are awesome mate you make me want to play again. I just wish those bastards from rockstar gave you the right tools (mod support) @mrchazta

    04. dec 2015
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    All is great but can you add those
    Speeding on any pavements = trouble
    -Speeding & Drive against traffic = trouble
    -Speeding above 100 km/h = trouble
    -Speeding on bikes without wearing helmet = trouble
    For each of them trouble or pay fine

    01. dec 2015
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    Hi I got few problems
    1 i was using this for some time and eventualy I was able to buy a house but everytime I do it crash and not save
    2 I'm using basic needs as well and every hotel I sleep won't restore my sleep level
    Great idea I hope you can solve my problem

    27. nov 2015
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    Stats won't show just some random numbers. Please update

    25. nov 2015
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    it still doesn't save. I'm using mod manager and everytime i have to get licence and job again. Apart from that fantastic 5stars this is only 0,1,2 ver so I can not wait for final 1.0. If you know how to help me please comment

    25. nov 2015
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    This is mind blowing and finally someone knows that Zentorno = (Lamborghini Sesto Elemento) ;) Love this I cant wait for planes etc. The best mod ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. nov 2015