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    @Steve_family Commas don't work. Can only get the invincibility ability to work but not the rest.

    02. sep 2023
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    Fair warning. This mod turns you into a different npc and resets your owned weapons.
    Use menyoo or a trainer to save your loadout before using this mod.
    Works great tho thanks.

    01. sep 2023
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    How did you give Franklin max flying skills?
    thanks for this

    27. avg 2023
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    Oof this mod is buggy. Companions keep getting out of the car no matter what speed you're driving. I've had 3 events now where I had to take them back to their apartment and now I have "drop off" icons stuck on my map as the npc can't seem to interact with it. Their hair keeps disappearing until you zoom in really close. and what Ciacci said. The free cam is only way to recruit new companions.
    Anyways. Thanks for the mod.

    27. avg 2023