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    This is the best modding tool I have ever used, so much easier than the normal replacement method. The oiv did wipe my dlclist file but I had already backed up and just replaced and added modding to it manually. Next big update to gta and it will take me 5 minutes to reload all my replacement cars and peds rather than 5 hours!

    13. feb 2023
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    By far the best body mod, I downloaded the premium version of this today from @RoseCreationsYT patreon page, massive selection of bodies available. If you prefer a more realistic figure there is a lot more in the premium. I would definitely recommend if you like this. Fantastic job.

    29. jan 2023
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    @Sinkra I'm trying to have a go at this myself - i've managed to export some slightly naughty animations from wicked whims (sims4 adult mod) but cant export them to ycd - how did you do it?

    15. jan 2023