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    Followed the instructions, and damn near got my dick stuck in a toaster.. But eventually, what I discovered was: by replacing in patchday8, I was able to get the car to spawn properly, EXCEPT with no Ferrari badges on it (it's just a plain, Belinetta without any Ferrari logos on it).. I figured, "Well, at least I made SOME progress, since it's different than the original Massacra Rockstar put in the game, but why aren't the Ferrari decals showing up on it??" In the main photo for this mod (shown above), there's a yellow Ferrari badge on the side of the car, and also, on the front grill, there's a silver horse (the Ferrari symbol)... And just slightly above that, there's a yellow & black Ferrari badge... The silver horse was also missing from the back of the car, and even in the middle of the wheels, there should be a small round, yellow Ferrari logo.. My car was missing all of those badges... Aside from that, it looks just like the one in the picture, but without the Farrari decals / branding..... So then I made an extra copy of this mod's "massacro_hi.yft" and renamed it to "massacro.yft," replacing the given "massacro.yft" -- and voila! -- That fixed it!! Now everything works fine, and the Ferrari logos show up properly (including the one on the steering wheel)... Seems like an odd way to fix it though, but it worked.. So in other words: now, my "massacro_hi.yft" and my regular "massacro.yft" are both copies of the same exact file -- both 6.4 MB in size, unlike the "massacro.yft" which CAME with this mod (which was only 1.01 MB, and seems to be missing the Ferrari logos).. Hope that helps, in case anyone else is having the same problem, (i.e. if everything else works fine for you, except your Berlinetta is missing the official Ferrari decals). If you're having problems with anything ELSE, I don't know what to tell you, because there are so many little details in this installation, that it's hard to determine which one you're missing.. The instructions for replacing certain lines in the handling, carcols (and "lights" section within carcols), carviations, and vehicles meta files -- was painful & tedious, but I eventually understood it & got through it all.. The "massacro_mods.rpf" & everything is now working fine for me.. I took the car to Los Santos Customs, and the spoilers, skirts, & all of those customization upgrades, etc., are all working fine now, as of August 18, 2017. My GTA5 version is 1.0.877 (1.36). Sorry for such a LONG post here, but I just wanted to be detailed about my experiences, in case it helps anyone else.. My advice: reading the other comments often helps.. For example, I read earlier in this thread, from Aelthor86 that "there's an error in the text A in the vehicle part, use the lines in the vehicle.meta in the rar instead" -- so I did that, to avoid a potential error (not sure if it's been fixed or not yet, but I decided to just take the advice, as a precaution).. So yeah -- reading all of the other comments first, is always helpful, especially when it's a complex mod to install.. I love this car.. Nice job! -- Now, if only I can get my "Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4'11 Superleggera" by goc_wxz to work right.. That's the OTHER one giving me Hell right now.. I have about 74 mods installed (about 29 cars, plus various other stuff), and only 3 of them gave me problems.. I've now fixed 2 of those, leaving only the Lamborghini. Usually, it's either something the user is doing wrong during installation, or the game has been updated since certain mods were created, and file paths & compatibility change, but usually it's still possible to get them working, with some tinkering around. Good luck, and cheers to everyone!

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    Seems like we're all stuck on a never-ending quest, to find out the information you modded in the vehicles.meta file. My problem is that I have other cars requiring me to replace that same file with THEIR version.. To fix this, you mentioned in another comment, that you would be telling us in your blog, exactly which changes to make.. WHAT blog?? I would ask where to FIND this blog, but I'm afraid that when I get there, a leprechaun will pop out & tell me that in order to find the information, I must travel to the dark side of the moon, and after I finally build a rocket and get to the dark side of the moon, there will be a note telling me to travel to the ancient lost city of Atlantis, and when I get THERE, I'll have to defeat Bowser, and then Toad will pop out & say "Thank you Mario! But the information about vehicles.meta is in another castle!" ---- Instead of making us jump through hoops, couldn't you just TELL us what to change in the vehicles.meta file?? On THIS page?? Here in the comments?? PLEEEASE?? Many people have asked already.. Why does it have to be such a SECRET?? Nice Cadillac, by the way.

    18. nov 2015