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    The mod author lied. It's fun with god-mode. That said, it seems these events were designed and tested with god-mode enabled. LOL

    1) Add a 30 min timer (out of game timer) or 3 day timer (in-game time) after completing/losing to survival to respawn the same location. This will encourage the player to try out the other events.

    2) Balance the events for Story Mode. These events are not designed for single-player. Start off earlier waves with less NPCs, lower health, weak guns, no armor. Gradually increase these every round while adding additional items like helis, tank (only one), gun mounted vehicles, etc

    3) Remove the infinite wave event and replace it with timed wave event (or add as option).

    4) Reduce the Next Wave time to 15 secs. The area is smaller than online. There’s no need to for the extended time.

    5) Stop NPC from spawning on/near player

    6) Spread out the body armor and weapons.

    7) The mod can easily be defeated by bringing an armored or gun mounted vehicle. Erect tall fencing (like around the golf course) to prevent the player from bringing in most vehicle types before triggering the mission.

    I'm going to run some more tests. I might have other bugs and suggestions to report later.

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    @breadfan85 There are notes in the Readme file. It does not impact manual saves. It is possible to impact autosaves if do one of the collection missions if your current model is not the same as the one that is started by the mission (i.e. if the mission starts with Michael then your current character should be Michael). Also there is a warning in the notes that is not do a manual save after a mission is complete. The autosave might trigger or normally will trigger during a collection mission. This will permanently save the loadout and alter character appearance to the autosave file. Basically do a manual save before starting a collection mission then create a new save afterwards.

    The mod doesn't alter your game in any manner, nor change your map, or any other intrusive manner. Just press F10 when you need to do a mission then exit out. You don't need to uninstall anything and you wont even notice it there (until you need it).

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    @Brandoman Don't engage with him. He's not worth your time.

    07. okt 2021
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    @YoYO17 I'm a modder and always help fellow modders, new or old, debug, improve, and find new ways of having fun with modding (even making a little money on the side). There are people who like to play "realistic" mods or ones that add to immersion. If you want to critique my ideas then how about you direct your comment to the modder suggesting ideas of your own. If your only contribution to topics is negativity and condescending remarks, then maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself and take a pause from the internet. Read the comment history of your profile.

    06. okt 2021
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    @Yaphy21 These are just suggestion. I'm not twisting your arm to any of it or all of it. Just throwing out potential ideas you can use. Good luck with your mod, padawan.

    06. okt 2021
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    1% tax? Dude that's not bank. That's a loanshark operation. Poor people call that regressive taxation. Banks charge a flat rate. If you want to make the mod seem more alive and realistic here's what you could do.

    Create two arrays. One we'll call "Stores" and another we'll call "Payments".
    In the Stores array you would list out the names of stores in GTA5 (list are available online).
    In the Payments array you'd add payment amount maximums.
    In a formula you'd pull a random value up to the Payment maximum stored in the second array, display it on screen, then deduct the amount.
    You'd want to give the player customization options to change the maximum payment values in the second array and change the store name in the first array. You'd also want to allow the player to alter the purchase frequency (daily value) and an option to randomize the frequency value.
    You could also add recurring payments such as "mobile phone, electric, rent/mortgage" etc.

    How this would play out in the game is you'd get the purchase frequency value (let's say it 7 days) and then select one of the options in the first array then randomize a deduction from the second array. The recurring payments would be static and could be made customizable. The player would see random deductions every few days (or whatever the customized days are) from random stores.

    I would ditch anything that is an unearned deposit such as the Citizen Payment. It's already too easy to make money in-game. Instead expand on the banking VIP service. Keep the buy-in amount. Take deductions from the player account for services. You want to take deductions for account manager, money market manager, concierge service, weekly charges for vip membership. You'll want to randomly give a small deposit for comps such as hotels or theatre tickets, etc. Very rarely you'd want to give a larger deposit for say investment returns.

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    05. okt 2021
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    @YoYO17 He didn't put much effort into randomizing female character models. You have to pick one of the dude-looks-like-a-lady and make them more feminine. This ought to help.

    Shape First ID
    6(asain but strong face) 18 21 22 23 25 26 27(asian) 28 29 31 33 34 35 36 37 39 40 41 45
    Skin First ID
    Pick your racial color

    Set Eyebrows, Makeup, Blush, Lipstick, Customhair
    Set Lipthickness and Eye Color

    05. okt 2021
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    @HKH191 I think I may have a solution to your storymode problem. The game appears to work fine when you selectively disable all the options (I haven't done a full playthrough to confirm). I noticed that when I set them all to false I don't have the same hangups with AIs going rogue and areas not loading on certain missions. So my thought is to add 4 few features: 1) Disable all - set all values to false
    2) Enable all - set all values to true
    3) Restore Defaults - resets all values to default values.
    4) Disable all during storymode - This would be an automated task. Whenever a player starts a story mission, it'd capture the player's current configuration (or make a copy of the ini), set all the values to false, then when the mission was over it'd restore the player configuration.

    03. okt 2021
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    @Tactical_Cop That may be a bug I found with it not polling the Advanced data from the INI file. When you change options it does refresh the integers. For example you change the makeup then move to the next screen, which is Blush, it will apply those Makeup values over. If you move back and forth between advanced options it will modify your changes (appearing to reset it if all values are 0). You have to go through each one individually, figure out which values you want to alter, then hand-select them (resetting the next value to its default) or you can open the Data.ini and key them individually (although that isn't really necessary).

    The Blend data should be working fine, at least it did on mine. It may be experiencing the same reset problem. I'd have to double check that.

    23. sep 2021
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    @HKH191 I'd join your discord but the entry wants to know too much info. :) Besides I've already started compiling a new list.

    22. sep 2021