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  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @bowiestink, you need to do something only if you're using INCREASES HEALTH version of WYD, in the latest version(5.0.1) GSW must work fine without any changes(but I did not test it yet)

    26. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @BloodStrikes, thanks a lot for your investigation, I will try to solve this issue, but I'm not sure I can

    25. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    Checked GSW2 with the latest no-mods(only some scripts) version of GTAV and it works fine. Looks like GSW2 has compatibility issues with LSPDFR, I'll research it later, I'm really busy current time.

    25. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @Danila2433, проверь, правильно ли ты установил мод. Маркером правильной установки является уведомление от мода при запуске игры.

    25. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @Shockedge, sounds strange. Did you change anything in GSW2Config.xml?
    Anyway, that's the second message with this issue, I will re-test it with the latest version of GTA this week.

    @Fl3xy03 @heydudewhatup, I've got the same shit, but it was not caused by GSW, it was caused by Pickups 2.0. It can be solved with config edit, just disable custom weapon wheel.

    @heydudewhatup, you're welcome! :)

    @SimKo123, thanks a lot! Added that to the description!

    19. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    Here it is:
    [12:04:23] [WARNING] Unable to resolve API version 3.1.0.
    Looks like you're using not the latest SH

    @ojalatuHermana, if there was no GSW2Exception.log, there is trouble with something else, not GSW2

    @bbrandumbb, so strange. Did you fix this?

    @RD101, I'm not sure, maybe some changes in code can solve it

    19. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @Vinnie3402, some hotkeys have checks, eg, you don't need to bandage yourself when you have no bleeding). Also, GTAV will not show notifications if there is another notification with the same content.
    Armor in GSW2 was balanced for $500-armor due most enemies have that, it must handle at least 3-4 pistol shots. You can increase ArmorDamage for weapons in GSW2Config.xml as you want to reduce shots to armor before it will be penetrated. You also can decrease MinimalChanceForArmorSave to 0.
    Does anyone have suggestions of armor balance in GSW2?

    @ojalatuHermana, I'm not sure I can help. Do you have GSW2Exception.log in your GTAV-folder?
    I assume there is trouble with ScriptHook in your case. ScriptHook stopped and stop all scripts, including GSW.

    @Realz22, sure, Ped Damage Overhaul and GSW are doing the same. You need to choose one between GSW and PDO.

    @BaddieBrennan, thanks for your research, if you don't see "GSW2 has loaded", there must be two cases:
    - There is GSW2Exception.log or errors in ScriptHookVDotNet.log
    - ScriptHook was not loaded at all(Rage cut off SH?). Do you have any other ScriptHook mods to check that works?

    06. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @steven6688tw @BaddieBrennan, can you describe how did you detect that mod is not working with LSPDFR?

    @steven6688tw, yeah, sadly, GSW2 doesn't support fire and poison damage :(
    I will add partial support of them this summer

    02. jul 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @oooper666 @champion342, hello, sounds like crap, I don't have any idea why it can happen .-.
    I fixed possible reasons in the latest version and if you use vanilla peds.meta, I dunno what can lead to that bug.
    Didn't you get any wound notifications at all?

    25. jun 2021
  • 17738b stormtrooper

    @oooper666, do you have installed any mode that changed peds.meta file? Do you use the latest version of GSW(June 10, 2021)?

    24. jun 2021