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  • Gtao47

    @IAmJFry Thanks man, I found my answer before I read your reply. Simple trainer's .ini file has an option to override the character reset (OverrideLoopFix). I also removed the Add On Ped's PedSelect.dll so that doesn't get in the way too. I'm now currently enjoying this mod as well, hahahah!

    30. jan 2020
  • Gtao47

    Welcome back @IAmJFry! First I wanna say that I'm still thankful for the Super Peds that you made. I'm still enjoying it until now. You should really put that back too. Second, any recommendation for a mod that does not reset your skin when you die besides Menyoo? 'cause I really wanna try this mod too, and I don't wanna use Menyoo. Thanks!

    24. jan 2020
  • Gtao47

    Kudos to you sir @Daimian, for updating this masterpiece and adding other good stuffs!

    08. okt 2019
  • Gtao47

    nice update on the hands and feet man! Changed rate to 5 stars! Although I noticed the shield is a bit bigger than usual, but no biggie there. Great job!

    26. sep 2019
  • Gtao47

    hey man, I wanna tweak the mod back to default, except the sun should set at 6 PM. I need help though, 'cause I can't understand the pattern of the common/levels/gta/time.xml. I've been trying but I can't get it to work. Please help.

    13. sep 2019
  • Gtao47

    This is pretty good but the hands are too big and the feet are too small. That shield is perfect though! The way the arms go inside the sleeves and hold the handle, it's the best out there!

    06. sep 2019
  • Gtao47

    Hey @stillhere sir, I tried removing all my mods and everything in the script folder except this one and and the flying-up still doesn't work well. But if I revert back to the old version, the flying-up works fine. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling my GTA 5 and tried the latest script again but the problem still persists. If it's not too much hassle, please recheck the script, especially the codes for flying. There might've been a mistake and now it probably isn't the same as the old version's? Please sir.

    24. avg 2019
  • Gtao47

    Hey, is there a chance you'll add cloth physics to this too?

    17. avg 2019
  • Gtao47

    @stillhere I see. I'll have o find out which of my mods are causing the same effect as that SpidermanV mod too. Thanks!

    15. avg 2019
  • Gtao47

    anyone figured out how to fly upwards on the latest version yet? Even without the Spider-man V mod, I can't fly upwards. It used to work fine on the old version.

    14. avg 2019