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    Is Freecam still working for anyone? Tried every possible way to install but still nothing...

    22. jul 2022
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    @DSCADX I hope your personal problems are already being resolved. By the way, this mod is amazing, exact i was dream about. I really like watch two teams fight each other, but unfortunately any trainers that provide invisibility (everybody ignore the player) will break armies behavior or not work at all (This most often does not work on passengers with machine guns.). If you will continue mod updates, can you add built in "spectator mode" for peoples who just like enjoy war scene but do not want to participate in it?

    27. avg 2021
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    It is really important to changing player model to default on death if it no Trevor, Franklin or Michael?

    08. maj 2021
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    It fix aircrafts engine, but not engine health degradation after damage(

    21. nov 2020
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    It would be nice if "max vehicle tune" function didn't "max" wheels and livery. Car's wheels not suit planes and helicopter...

    20. okt 2020