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    Hello, automaticaly installing this mod with OpenIV, following your method, corrupted my game files. I can't get GTA V to start up ever since I've installed your truck. I've removed the mb_atego_gba file from my dlcpack folder. I've also deleted the associated line inside the dlclist.xml folder but it keeps crashing. Has anyone ever experienced something similar and could help me please? I have to say it's the first time I've used an "automatic installation" so I might have messed something up.

    14. jan 2023
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    Why can't I visit your profile on this website? Your mods are fantastic so being able to see all of them at one place would be awesome. I'm not sure if you quit or something but thanks for your amazing work!

    23. avg 2022
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    Feels like most people in the comments section are there to request support or ask other things from you. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing pack. You've done a great job and I don't think you get praised enough for sharing it and providing help with it. Great work and thank you very much!

    11. apr 2022
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    Whats the grey car next to it on the first screenshot?

    05. apr 2022