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  • 21dcdb logo 2015

    This actually looks really nice!
    Good work

    11. avg 2015
  • 21dcdb logo 2015

    @LogicSpawn My apologies if I'm telling you what others have told you already, but I've come accross some bugs/problems with the mod.
    The first time I launched the mod it went... fine... kind of. It was working properly except there were always 2 characters on the same spot - e.g.: after finishing the tutorial I went to speak to that one guy you're supposed to speak to and there were two of him, and both worked simultaneously (I even got 2 missions at once).
    I then proceeded to reboot the game and was received with a bugged character creator/skin picker.
    2 characters appeared at the same time and I wasn't able to proceed in-game.
    Finally, after a clean install (including saves) of the mod, I was able to get to the gameplay but it crashed.
    After that I was always greeted with both bugged character creation and crashes.

    I hope this information is of use, and once again, sorry if I'm not telling you anything new.
    And sorry for the long post.

    Have a potato (::)

    08. avg 2015