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  • Trevor3

    Used OpenIV to open dlc pack of any add-on McLaren F1. Find in a path dlc.rpf/data file named "vehicles.meta" open it via OpenIV with edit mode and there find a line
    All you need to do is just replace "feltzer3" to bmws702
    like this one
    save changes and it would be fine in a game

    27. okt 2021
  • Trevor3

    @3821 Well, as You probably mention yet while looking the last 2 screenshots, i had already rebuild LM(GTR version of spoiler that had been represented at LeMans version at 1995) and left side airflow arch after door and also front fenders. But I hadn't upload this version in many case, but in general because i noticed that those McLaren F1 from Asseto Corsa hade troubles with matching inner parts to their exterior parts (like i mention yet in my previous comments while i had tried to make a HQ engine bay space i got an issue that inner space of engine bay not match in border of f.e. engine top cover hood and so on) so i decide to cancel for a while rebuilding this type of Mclaren and started build my own, Here u can saw my progression on it.
    It's too slow, but this happens in case that those as a hobby and didn't give some income, so i haven't an opportunity to spend a lot of time on it and in a second i try to make as closer as possible to ideal bodyshell shapes that very relative for refractions and reflections, it could be spotted even in my last 2 screenshots compare two front fenders before fix and after (where on screen grey and orange car)

    05. nov 2020
  • Trevor3

    @Streaz Yes, the link to donwload https://ru.gta5-mods.com/player/lester-s-80-90-s-jeans-for-t-m
    And sorry for huge time delay that i had spend to response to your question, i'm not so often monitoring comments

    13. avg 2020
  • Trevor3

    @EliteSamOfficial I don't quite understand what the last sentence in this text means, but of course you can add it to your package, and thanks for vote. As about update this car, i really don't know when it will happend, but it would be happened. Have a lot of troubles with inner space of engine place, can't model it correctly, in reason of not matching patr of asseto corsa bodyshell with f.e. inner space where engine's placed as well as with rear bumper, and as i had already mentioned, i'm working on my own F1

    30. jul 2020
  • Trevor3

    @Terzaghi Vikernes Sorry for delay, check readme in the downloaded archive or check the description via press "Description" buttton, it located under the screenshoots near button comments

    14. jul 2020
  • Trevor3

    @somenoob420 In reason of updateing this car, now I'm woulnd't upload the template for livery, the current UVWs may be changed while remodeling parts on bodyshell, so may be I'll add template for livery with one livery unlocked, f.e. the "gtr96_livery1.yft" will be unlock, other parts as well as vehicle itself will be locked. BTW, if u still want to do your's livery can used textures from gtr96_livery1.yft to gtr96_livery5.yft f.e. as template, but livery in this car works as mod part, i mean that you necessary need to change texture you will maded in the f.e. "gtr96_livery1.yft" that openable with Zmodeler

    05. jul 2020
  • Trevor3

    Also i have don't finished Timberlands boots

    29. jun 2020
  • Trevor3

    @Mlehbleh Well, next will be anyway remastered of this F1 with more stuff, but as i said, most of the rebuild parts will be available with simvolical pay for that

    29. jun 2020
  • Trevor3

    @Mlehbleh Also I keep in my mind by looking forward to make some mix F1 and P1, like f.e. front part till to windscreen, will takes from P1 and other is F1. And probably making the correct chassis #43 (#59 Kokusai Kaihatsu UK Racing) like interior with the correct dashboard, front bumper with the shorter front splitter, front trunk with fog lights) and couple of things like hood cover (classic and something like gtr long tail), and front parts till to windscreen (bumper gtr longtail, and i known few variations of LM front bumper and ofcause front ligths like Huayra Look)

    29. jun 2020
  • Trevor3

    @Mlehbleh At the current what am I do is the review build of this McLaren F1 GTR'96, I already have almost done with HQ Spoiler LM/GTR and hard to take a decisions what to do next - fixed some stuff like brake calipers, just lil bit fix(correction) rear bumpers, chassis, doors, and make few front bumpers on existing one OR remade all stuff, becasue i noticed,when i builded new HQ spoiler, that model (F1) have little incorrect size (I dont have understanding what exactly little larger in x axis or little smaller in x axis). And also for me hard to desigion how to uload the stuff which will be remaded, i guess that anyway i'll upload it only as exclusive for patreon. You known, a lot of time got have to be spended on it. Anyway, as i mention alreay next i will doing is make my own F1(Roadcar, LM, GTR short tail and longtail) from zero or with using already done stuff, after all of that i dont really known what will be doing next. But I should to say that it is not my "style" to making a mostly popular cars, especually when it's alreay done with HQ quality for me it's better to build something like Porsche 996 GT1 1998, Porsche 911 (996 bodyshell kit) Turbo/GT2, Mitsubishi FTO, Lincoln Town Car and so on

    29. jun 2020