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    @gtavjamal Yeah I have no idea about the snow, hopefully I won't run into issues in the future if something special does indeed need to be done lol. I also seem to be running into the same issue with OpenIV as well. I re-exported the 'sandys_gas_shell.ydr' and the same occurs. Oddly enough, viewing it through Codewalker's RPF explorer shows it, so if you need to view the shell I would check it there.

    However, if you are seeking to edit the exterior branding of the building, then you would not want to edit the 'sandys_gas_shell.ydr' anyway, you would be looking to edit the 'cs4_10_gas_station.ydr' and the respective texture dictionary that can be found searching the building in OpenIV or Codewalker.

    @William Halverd I have found a way to make the collisions compatible with MP Maps based on what @gtavjamal mentioned with a slight modification, however I cannot figure out how to make the ymap work to remove the car spawn generator in front of the gas station. You need to copy the 'cs4_10_0.ybn' and 'hi@cs4_10_0.ybn' from the MLO to your desktop(or wherever) and rename them to 'lr_cs4_10_0.ybn' and 'hi@lr_cs4_10_0.ybn' respectively. Then you would place those into your mods folder under mplowrider replacing the originals. Make sure to back up the originals!

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    @William Halverd Unfortunately when MP Maps are enabled, the collisions do not work. And when using the latest collision file that online uses, the entire ground outside loses collisions and I can't figure out why.

    @WolfFire23309 Thank you!

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    @gtavjamal I am not sure why it is doing that, the file is definitely not corrupt considering it works in game.

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    @gtavjamal I'm not sure if there is something special in regard to snow on terrain. I never even tested with snow because I learned to make MLO's by following video tutorials on YouTube and by using Blender and Sollumz and from what I understood, the interior of an MLO should not have weather effects and snow should also be non existent. Usually it is ymap interiors that cause those things, but I could also be incorrect.

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    @gtavjamal As @Van_Zandt mentioned, you may have another MLO that is causing collision issues with it. Do you happen to have other MLO's in the area? Even if you don't have any other MLO's around it, if you have modified the map in the area in any way that affects those collisions, that could also be the issue.

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