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    @Sweeth How did you fix the indicators showing amber/orange instead of white? Been trying to fix it myself for a while now but still no success, tried changing the colour of rear lights, well that did give a orange mask but still showed a light blinking in full white

    14. jan 2021
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    Alot of people's games crashes wgen trying to get in, tried looking in all meta's potentially to fix it but i gave up as nothing seems wrong in any of em....
    Please fix this issue and you'll make a whole lot of people super happy :-)

    12. jan 2021
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    I downloaded this beautiful looking beast but as shown in the video it's supposed to have an explosive gun turret but mine in game has only a 50 Cal machine gun as stock instead of the explosive one. (Homing missiles and barrage work fine)

    28. apr 2020
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    Please someone make this addon, installing it as valkerie in Patchday20 crashes my game everytime the game loads up.... Overall amazing helo nonetheless and would love to see this in addon version, found one pack that contains it as addon but that handling line is horrible wrong, tips forward and uncontrollably steers to the right.. crashing the helicopter into trees, buildings and static poles everytime on take off

    13. nov 2019