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    @dev_drozd Thanks! Although I have to report the bug isn't 100% fixed.

    I use the MP female mode and sometimes change outfits some times before deciding. If I do it more than once, most likely the bug will present itself.

    23. okt 2023
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    @dev_drozd The last update makes the mod even better! Just a comment: it seems to have some problems if you change the ped model. If you do, you get the notificacion to buy armor no matter where you are, and a "19/10" is stuck on the upper left part of the screen.

    You need to reload the scripts to fix it, but sometimes, for some reason, the UI sounds of the menus get muted.

    I hope you can look into that, but regardless, thanks!

    22. okt 2023
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    @nj5050 Hello. With "police officers" I mean the law enforcement in general that is going after your. Lawful peds, if you will.

    About the motorcycles, I'm in the law searching area, but I'm NOT spotted by the police/law (the circle is gray, I'm out of sight, now I need to get out of the search area circle to hide and lose the wanted level).

    Thing is, I'm running throug the mountains with a bike, not being spotted, and then a motorcycle with law peds spawns about 10 meters or so behind me (I can actually see the motorcycle spawn), on a plain road, and of course I get automatically spotted.

    I don't think that's intended, lol, or it is supposed to be imposible to escape if you're not on foot? Yup, that was factored on the rating. I think it's a bug, so if it's gets fixed, I'll happily give the mod 5 stars. =)

    20. okt 2023
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    @nj5050 I don't think it's possible to escape the police when you have six stars. It should be extremely difficult, I know, but I spent like an hour trying to, went into the mountains to loose the army, and when I am out of sight trying to get out of range, a motorcycle with cops spawns some meters behind me out of thin air everytime.

    Otherwise, great mod!

    19. okt 2023
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    @dev_drozd Another great mod!

    Could we please have an option in the ini to change or disable the keyboard/button that activates the mode change?

    Also, I'm guessing the "Drive" mod would be the standard vanilla car behaviour, correct?

    18. okt 2023
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    @dev_drozd Great mod! If I may, I'd like to suggest to add an option to buy bottles in the convenience stores of the map and the armor in the Ammu Nation shops. It's not very convenient to have to return to the characters homes in order to get bottles, and it'd be fair to purchase them.

    18. okt 2023
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    Hello. Could you tell me where can I download the hair of your pic?

    13. okt 2023
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    @DgtlBrandxn I see. Ands what does the extra personalities do? Say, if I make a ped and give it the SWAT personality, will the game automatically dispatch it as a SWAT member if I got a high wanted level?

    09. okt 2023