Toddler Carry Mod for INSANOGAMES toddler/baby peds 2 Babies and the Script


This mod was made for INSANOGAMES Toddler and Baby peds mods. Includes 1 toddler. Find more models here:

This mod requires ScriptHookV installed.

This is a Lua mod so you need Lua installed.

You can carry child in arm or on shoulders. Last baby set down will follow Player ped.

Script can spawn either one or two children, no trainer needed.
Player usually will pick up the child you are facing, sometimes if player is not directly facing child the last child will want to ride.
So you can spawn more children with trainer, if you added child name to Script it can identify up to 12 baby models.

Configurable hot keys, customizable baby names.

Script opens with notepad or better https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/

Hotkeys are at top of script, configurable baby names are just below. Notes in script to help know what to change. Key codes can be found in GTA V/scripts folder location. Keys.lua which as I said opens in notepad or notepad plus plus.

To uninstall simply delete:
Toddler carry.lua

I will include images for keypresses but basically it uses 2 NumPad keys.(to avoid conflict with other mods I use 2 keys pressed at same time.)

Spawn 1 child:
ADD key plus NumPad 1

Spawn 2 kids:
ADD key plus NumPad 2

Carry on left arm:
Delete plus NumPad 1

Ride on shoulders:
Delete plus NumPad 2

Set child down:
Delete plus NumPad 0
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