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This mod is a really simple Super Punch like mod. Not sure it is really needed, as there are already mods that does this, but i figured it worked pretty well, and it is always a nice thing to be able to choose, so here it is !
It also exists because of a request from @agatipoullos. The link to the request should be shown down here.

How To Install
1) Download the file
2) Extract "SimplePowerPunch.cs" and "SimplePowerPunchSettings" folder
2.5) Extract "NoMoreShortcuts.dll" and "NoMoreShortcuts" folder to add the phone contact mod activator.
3) Place these files and folders inside a folder named "scripts" in your main GTA V directory.
4) Install ScriptHookVDotNet & ScriptHookV

Credits for iFruit phone contact mod activator goes to Bob_74

v3.0 :
* Fixed detection issues when multiple vehicles were around the player
* Fixed force being applied to a vehicle even when player tries to enter it.
* Added possibility to choose in what direction you want entities to be flying, or not.
* Added possibility to change the amount by witch the strength is increased/decreased in the .ini file.
* Added possibility to give the Power Punch to the peds around you.

v2.0 :
*Added the possibility to increase / decrease the strength of your current character
*Added possibility to save character model with the current strength value.
*Added the possibility to not be bothered by vehicles or peds (check the "Ini Settings" section)
*Revisited the whole detection system so that it should let you hit larger vehicles and takedown are now handled better.

How To Use
If you have followed instruction 2.5), then open up your phone, go to the contacts, go at the end of your contact list and select Simple Power Punch contact, then call him.
If not, just press F10 to activate / deactivate the mod
Every melee weapon should work as well as when unarmed.

3.0 :
Do you want to score a goal with a pedestrian or shoot down an helicopter with a car just by hitting it with your fist ?

Well now it is possible (theoretically) !
If you have the "WhereYouAimIsWhereYouThrow" option set to true, you have the possibility to choose in what direction your character will throw peds.
For that, you need to :
- look at the desired direction
- and press the contextual action control (default E).
You will need to relock a target direction every time you have hit something.
If you don't lock a target direction, the entity will fly like he usually does.

Tired of having to wait 100 years to get to maximum strength potential ?

Well now you can select at what rate you want the strength to increase / decrease in the ini file under the "StrengthIncreaseDecreaseBy" option.

Ever wondered what it felt like for those poor pedestrians being hit with the power punch ?
If you decide to set the "EveryOne" option to true, you'll get a taste of it ! So will everyone actually, as pedestrians around you will be gifted of the power punch ability. Be careful with this one though, it might change power punch's player behaviour a little bit.
Hint : it's funnier with the "NeverRagdoll" option off !

Ini Settings
[Key Settings]
StartSimplePowerMod = Keys.F10 ---------> Start / Stop the mod. If you modify this one, and you have the No More Shortcuts mod installed, you should change the profile key as well. In order to do that, open up "NoMoreShortcuts/SimplePowerPunch.xml" and change the "F10" part to "What_ever_key_chose"
SaveModelWithStrength = Keys.F11 ------------> Saves current model with associated strength value
NextStrength = Keys.F8 --------------> Increases the power punch force by 10
PrevStrength = Keys.F7 --------------> Decreases ^

[Values Settings]
DefaultStrength = 30 ------------------> Default power punch force
ThereIsNoStoppingMe = true ------------------> If set to true, you won't be stopped by cars. They will be thrown at a strength relative to you walking/running/sprinting
ThereIsNoStoppingMeAtAll = false ------------> if set to true, you won't be stopped by peds ^...
WhereYouAimIsWhereYouThrow = true ------------> if set to true, when you press Context interaction control (default E), you lock a direction to which you punch entities away. It won't change how they are thrown if you didn't select a direction (Direction has to be selected each time after you hit an entity).
EveryOne = false ------------> If set to true, behold the madness of Power Punch given to everyone. Better without NeverRagdoll in my opinion.
NeverRagdoll = true ---------------> Self explanatory. Goes well with ThereIsNoStoppingMe and ThereIsNoStoppingMeAtAll.

Virus Scans
3.0 : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/17b01a5ca31b3fdfc46097194fa210dd0927bb75781e398280cc2b02b06a682e/detection
2.0 : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7cc76b38539e5a31e88f456b8eb05b75ab3236d98539850990f736fd5e224027/detection
1.0 : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e85c3a09550a969c2e3933ec0d683bd032f06ec10d9b0d10436b802225db673e/detection
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