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Note: I know about JobsV. This is my second mod so it may not be a masterpiece such as JobsV. I created this mod because JobsV itself is very old and overexhausted and I decided it would be good to take my time and try to continue Tyler Espo's work. I may not have the determination or skills the author of it had. Note also that this mod is quite different than JobsV in it's features and improves on it in a couple of ways. This was mostly created just to have an immersive way of getting money to be used for other mods such as AITG. More jobs will be added in future updates.

This is a very simple job mod. Currently there are 7 jobs where the player can work. Even though it looks very simple, the mod is quite complicated and it will reward or penalize you for your actions.

  • Various simple jobs across Los Santos.
  • Cool visual and customized sound effects.
  • Adjust work hours.
  • Get promoted or fired.
  • Automatic save.

Important Notes
  • Coming late to work or skipping work days can get you fired.
  • Not coming to work on Saturday or Sunday won't penalize you.
  • The more you work and the less you come late, the higher will be the chance of you getting promoted.
  • Press J to get your Job details.
  • You can work more times a day (working the second time won't penalize you for being late).
  • If you were fired from your last job you will have a lower chance of getting employed again.
  • If you fail an interview or get fired from a job, you won't be able to apply there for a couple of days.

  • Update 1.1: Added 2 new jobs, the Paleto farm and a fast food restaurant.
  • Update 1.0.6: Fixed promotions not adding up with the wage.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET

Drop everything in to the "scripts" folder.
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