Quicksilver [.NET] 1.0.5



Any game version below 1180.1 is not supported.

Recommended: QuickSilver by the OBE Studio Team

Screenshots provided by OkaymanXXI! They are brilliant!

And thank you to SuperKaioken for giving me an example of creating physical bullets.

This mod was inspired by the Fox X-Men movies. In this mod, you can travel hundreds of times faster than the speed of sound, and outrun bullets with little to no effort. Out of the box, this comes with 2 attack types: Punch and Shove.


  • More Attacks
  • Screenshot Mode
  • Catch and Throw Bullets
  • Custom Sounds and Effects
  • AI (finished but still kinda WIP and is disabled internally)

  1. Open the script communicator menu.
  2. Navigate to the "Quick Silver Script" menu.
  3. Select a profile from this menu.
  4. Configure settings, and select "Activate Powers..." to activate your powers.
  5. Use the special ability button to toggle on/off your super speed.


    Keyboard & Mouse Only:
  • F10: Open Script Communicator Menu.

  • Keyboard & Mouse/Controller:
  • E (Context): Manual Wall Run. (Disabled if automatic)
  • F (Vehicle Enter): Pickup Peds / Steal Ped Weapon / Steal Ped Food / Pull Ped From Vehicle / Catch RPG Missile & Tank Shells / Throw Currently Held Item.
  • CAPS (Special Ability PC): Activate Super Speed.
  • X (Parachute Smoke): Toggle Speed Test.
  • CTRL (Sneak): Change Attack Type.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel: Increase / Decrease Speed.

  • Controller Only:
  • Select/Share (Interaction Menu): Change Attack
  • Right/Left On DPad (Phone Left/Right): Increase/Decrease Speed.

  • Initial Release

  • Fixed issues where game starts in slow motion.


    Thank @Unknown Modder for this update guys, he really did some great work!
  • Fixed camera not repositioning itself
  • Added more options to better adjust the mod to your liking.
  • Fixed slow motion being stuck on after deactivating powers.
  • Removed debug options menu.
  • Added controller support.

  • Fixed FPS/"shaking screen" glitch
  • Add custom camera handler.
  • Updated controls.
  • Add camera options.
  • Updated profiles

  • Didn't change anything, just fixed inverted camera glitch.

  • Add smooth transition between gameplay camera and custom camera so it's less jarring.
  • Add ability to disable custom camera in profile settings.
  • Add wall run feature plus ability to switch from automatic to input activated wall running.
  • Reduce default jump height for low speeds.

  • Add visible bullets.
  • Move memory initialization to when a profile is activated (may cause a half-a-second freeze in game).
  • Fixed inability to jump while moving faster than speed of light.
  • Apply more constant (realistic) force when punching something.
  • Punch damage is now based on speed, and allows you to do damage to Julios AI (since they were invincible).
  • Added model request at start of profile activation to avoid errors popping up from missing objects.
  • Fixed enable/disable camera button not working properly.
  • Removed old entries from ini files.
  • Fixed "Can Override Weapon Info" button not doing anything. And overriding weapon info only happens after the powers have been activated so that your gun physics will be vanilla while the mod is not running. (requires game reload or restart after enabling powers for it to go back to normal though)
  • Fixed peds not being able to shoot while slo-mo is active.
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First Uploaded: 22. dec 2017
Last Updated: 31. dec 2017
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