Head GoPro 3.3


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-Head GoPro that is activated on aim/key press (GamePad supported)
-Camera effect that can be toggled on/off via .ini

This is the final update for this mod. It now serves as a demo for my ViewPointV: Custom Cameras that I've been working on for a long time now.

ViewPointV currently includes:

-First Person Camera inspired by modern shooters like Call Of Duty
-Head GoPro
-Shoulder GoPro
-Vehicle First Person Camera inspired by modern racing titles like Asetto Corsa
-Vehicle Follow Drone inspired by modern racing titles like Need For Speed

More cameras and customization options for the existing ones are added constantly.
Visit my Patreon for more information.
  • 1.0

  • 1.1
    -Minor bug fixes
    -Improved compatibility with other camera mods (the mod automatically resets the camera if it was interrupted, after a set amount of time that is set by you in the .ini file)

  • 1.2
    -Some clipping issues solved
    -Added the ability to switch sides (default key - X)

  • 1.3
    -Camera reset on death, for compatibility with mods like Watch Your Death
    -Performance fix

  • 2.0
    -Fixed clipping
    -Moved camera closer
    -Added in vehicle camera
    -Added a laser dot

  • 2.0.1
    -Possible fix for those whose camera spins around
    -Increased laser dot size a tiny bit

  • 2.1
    -Another try at fixing the spinning around bug, please tell me if it helped you
    -Added ability to tweak FOV
    -Added ability to disable laser dot
    -Added ability to tweak laser dot size
    -Added ability to change laser dot color

  • 3.0
    -Mod has been rewroten from scratch

  • 3.1
    -Added toggle button
    -Ability to disable camera activation on aim
    -Ability to hide radar when camera is active

  • 3.2
    -Added ability to map the toggle to a controler

  • 3.3
    -Fixed sound missing reverb on camera activation

  • ASI Loader
  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET 3.6.0

  • Extract both files into your scripts folder
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    First Uploaded: 13. okt 2022
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