Alternative Pistol Draw 1.3 (Another Big Update)



Alternative Pistol Draw by OneMinuteYT

This mod simply allows you to grab your pistol with a simple animation.
since version (V1.2), is the mod no longer assigned on a specific key.
The mod now works whenever you're grabbing a pistol

Enable/Disable specific pistols:
By default as of version 1.2 and up, all the weapons in the INI file list are using the animation.
You can simple edit which one uses this mod by setting "true" to "false" in the INI file.

1. When grabbing your gun while running, you character might look a bit funny.
2. When restarting your scripts folder the outro animation might start.

1. ScripthookV
2. ScripthookV.NET

Place the all the files (except for the readme) into your "scripts" folder.
If you don't have a "scripts" folder. Make sure to create one in your gtav directory.


V1.0 (small): Released the mod
V1.1 (small): Added a new option to choose

V1.2 (big):
1. Removed the "new option" from V1.1.
2. Rewrote the entire script.
3. Made the transition from grabbing a pistol to aiming shorter/smoother.
4. Removed the hotkey and made sure the mod works whenever grabbing your gun (weaponwheel etc).
5. Changed the INI so you can edit which pistols uses the mod.
6. Changed the name of the mod.

V1.3 (big):
1. You can now edit every pistol and a few SMG's in the INI:
1. Change whether a specific pistol/SMG uses the mod
2. Change the Draw Time to make the animation longer/shorter
3. Change the Draw Speed to change the speed of the animation
(You can combine 2 and 3 to edit the overall animation speed.
4. Change whether the Double Action Revolver uses the default holster animation.

Credits: OneMinuteYT
My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCmm1osbyLMQi5qLeeoztQ
My Discord: https://discord.gg/gxmqv68x

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First Uploaded: 01. jan 2022
Last Updated: 16. okt 2022
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