Skoda Octavia | Dutch Police Paintjob 1.0

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Skoda octavia dutch police skin.



Model Purchased by: Tom Baker
Model Textures: Bleep999
Model Conversion to IV: Bleep999
Convert to V: Bleep999
Massive Help Fixing issues: BritishGamer88/BPM
Default Siren Mapping: Bleep999
Model Tempating: Bleep999
Model Fixes: Bleep999
Soverign: Kieran Chandler
Soverign Textures: Obsidian Games
Boot Equipment: sergyj
MDT Screen: Bleep999
Radio: Bleep999
Dashcam: Bleep999
Tablet: Bleep999
Siren Control Panel: Bleep999
Fire Extinguisher: Rockstar Games
Lighting Equipment Textures: Bleep999
MDT Dome: Kieran Chandler
ANPR Camera: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar Mount: Bleep999
Antenna: Obsidian Games
Skin: MarkModsNL
Window Textures: Luigi
Number Plates: MarkModsNL
Carvariations and Vehicles meta: Pledge8236
ELS Config: ObsidianGames


Special thanks to Bleep999 to add the templates!


Combine the ytd file with the yft files from this car:

The skin is made for the Bromley area car!


For questions and problems, please contact me through:

Discord: Mark-MarkModsNL#5935

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First Uploaded: 10. okt 2018
Last Updated: 13. okt 2018
Last Downloaded: 03. nov 2018

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