Delaware State Police CVPI

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Want a state police car? Make a request in the comment section below! I would try to get to all of your requests. After all, there are only 50 states!

This is a car for Delaware State Police CVPI. Got a request on my last State Police Mod. There may be inaccuracies in the textures.

Created with Online Photoshop
I found that GIMP was too hard for me. If only Photoshop C6 was not so expensive.

- Ford CVPI from Driver San Francisco
- Ported to GTA IV by F5544.
- Edited to police version by Cj24 and KevinDV.
- Ported to GTAV by F5544.
- Federal Signal Arjent by F5544 edited by Netman005
- Liveries by BogdanM.
- Beta tested by PimDSLR, Dbock1989, Prophet.
- Interior parts made by Bxbugs123/Scheafft with permission to use.

- Mod made by Sgt.Kanyo
- Ford Crown Victoria made by Ubisoft (Driver San Francisco), converted to GTA IV by f5544, edited by Sgt.Kanyo
- Code 3 MX-7000 lightbar by Lt.Caine, modified by Sgt.Kanyo
- Federal Signal Arjent by F5544 edited by Netman005
- 1998 steel rims, spotlights and inmate divider by Bxbugs123
- Toughbook C19 by PFCBarefoot edited by Sgt.Kanyo
-PA textures made from scratch. I did not steal anyone's texture.
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