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Originally posted by me on GTAForums on May 9th.

UPDATE 3.0 - JUNE 11th, 2015: Added new flavor of the mod: Even Less Effects, which reduces the lens flare files to a bare minimum.

If you had this mod installed prior to the release of the latest GTA V patch, you will need to install it again. Older versions of this mod should still work in the current patch once they are reinstalled.

This mod removes lens flare from the third person camera (it is already disabled in first person by default).

My mod is available in three flavors:

-Exposure Without Artifacts

-No Artifacts, No Exposure

-Even Less Effects (reduces effects to a minimum)

All three flavors are included in the .zip. Install the files for the one you prefer.

Installation instructions are included in the readme. You will need at least version 2.6 of OpenIV to install this mod.

Note that these screenshots were taken with shader quality and post FX settings set to normal.
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