Community HUD and TrackID update for Radio Stations 1.1

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So, first things first. I didn't make this mod, I merely updated as much of it as I was able to do. The original HUD is by WildBrick142:

"All radio stations require a hud.gfx definition to be able to display on the weapon wheel, otherwise it's going to glitch around. Unfortunately, that's a file that is not easily editable meaning not everyone will be able to have HUD icons, or provide compatibility with other radio mods. This is a file set up with compatibility for all current radio stations, and with pre-defined slots for all future radio mods. This includes the texture sheet. All that mod devs will have to do is change the names of the pre-defined slots."

The mod didn't include the textures for all the radio stations so I went ahead and did that. Also, his mod wasn't updated when the radio mods came out, so you either got left with blank spaces (which still exists for IFruit, sorry, I may be able to get it working, I did in one test and then now it doesn't lol), or the placeholder graphics. I went ahead and fixed the textures and now they all show up for the radio stations I have downloaded, and I wanted to share. I'll share what stations it works for below.

"This file is free to use by everyone without needing to ask for permission."

For anybody new to GTA modding like I was, You need OpenIV and in the mod folder you place the Hud files into "mods\update\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\cdimages\scaleform_generic.rpf".

-IV Airwaves by _CP_ (Electro-Choc conflicts with Nightride FM, they used the same ID's so the names of tracks are wrong)
-Vice City FM (EFLC) by WildBrick142
-Nightride FM by Boywond and WildBrick142
-Classic GTA Radio Pack by sjaak327

The TrackID I made by combining the ones included in the above stations. Be aware, when you install them they save their own HUD's and TrackID's and then overwrite others (Nightride has a separate tracklist I think), so you'll want to save my file over the existing file after installing the stations. I think, it isn't a completed thing yet and I might need to add the TrackID's for IFruit to the list. IFruit works, it'll just be invisible on the wheel.
TrackID.gxt2 is found in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\lang and I guess choose your language.

The original Mod is found here:


Adds IFruit Track ID's
In Read Me I have included the list of conflicting Track ID Hex's, you're now free to edit the TrackID file to choose your preference of songs for Track ID included and excluded (In Notepad, just press Cntl + F, type in Hex and replace the text)

Any issues, drop a comment. I'll do my best to make sure this works as expected. However, I cannot find tutorials for Hex editing, so won't be able to fix track IDs or get the IFruit Logo in, even though I did include the graphic for anyone with the knowledge. (If you can add it in, please let me know and you can help me update this ;) )
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