Cell Phone Wallpaper (GTA 6 - GTA 5 - Vehicles Brand)


Hello everyone.... here is a new mod that changes the wallpapers of Michael and Franklin's phones.
I have verified that for Trevor there is no possibility to change wallpaper because there is no function
on his phone.
Inside the zip file you will find a "Backup" folder for the original files,
a "Files folder (5 by type)" containing the files to be replicated ready and divided as the name of the folder
and a "PNG" folder containing the png files of the 3 types (15 by type).
NOTE: The phones you see in the photos can be downloaded from:
(thanks to: https://it.gta5-mods.com/users/Mishka%20Volkav)
Installation instructions can be found in the Readme file.
Remember to make a copy of your files before installing mods.
A special thanks to all those who have had a gesture of thanks for these
my first mods.
If you want to know more, take a look at my page:
Have fun!
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First Uploaded: 12. jan 2024
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