BlueJeans Enhancer Reborn 1.3


Welcome to my graphics enhancement project.

Changelog for 1.3
Made imrovements to vehicle reflections
Fixed sky being too bright
Made changes to color (Greens more saturated, and orange and yellow less saturated)

This graphics preset was created with in game brightness at 65-70%. If it is too dark then adjust the brightness to your liking.

How to Install and use:

1. Download SweetFX 2.0 (If you have it already then skip this step)
SweetFX 2.0 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/07k361l502b6wfk/ReShade+2.0.3+with+SweetFX+2.0.7z
Copy and paste only SweetFX folder and Sweet.fx

1. Download ReShade 2.0.3 with Framework 1.1.0f1 (If you have it already then skip this step)
ReShade 2.0.3 with Framework 1.1.0f1 Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ivo1hueu2pbrur/ReShade+2.0.3+with+Framework+1.1.0f1.7z
Copy and paste only ReShade folder, ReShade.fx and ReShade64.dll
(rename to dxgi.dll if crashes occur)

3. Download 0.245 ENB for GTA 5 (If you have it already then skip this step)
0.245 ENB Download: http://enbdev.com/mod_gta5_v0275.htm

4. Download VisualV (If you have it already then skip this step)
VisualV Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/visualv

5. Paste all files in BlueJeansEnhancer folder into GTA V root folder

6. Enjoy!

Other Recommended mods
- Corona Begone
- VisualV Advanced Blur Script
(included in VisualV)
- Rain Drop Texture and Script
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