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    Can anyone confirm if this is working on the December 2021, "The Contract" update? I don't want to have to reinstall my mods again if this crashes the game

    21. dec 2021
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    The map isnt appearing in my game. I have all the heap limit adjustment files and a custom gameconfig from the 300+ cars config mod. I installed the package and it created the VSA folder in my DLCpacks along with another mod that is working. Is there anything broken in this with the latest update?

    07. nov 2021
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    I just created an account to say that the oiv installer for this is broken, I managed to install everything manually by opening the oiv with WinRAR and opening the DLC.rpf in OpenIV and extracting all the files from there and moving the rest of the files into the proper places. Can someone check to see if there was an error and/or repack the oiv?

    02. nov 2021