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    Having a big problem where during a war the enemy spawn keep relocating every 5 seconds. It spawns like 4 gang members on all sides of you and breaks the fluid gameplay of the unmodified Gang and Turf Mod.

    25. jul 2019
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    @lucasvinbr Yes, I'd assume so. Would be a good toggle option for next update.

    13. jun 2019
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    While Mind Controlling my friednly gang member it happens commonly that I die mid control. I hate dying and needing to rejoin the war. IIf I set god mode on then the mind controlled ped also is unkillable. I'd like to stay in the action but not cheat. Is there a way to have it so my main player is unkillable but my controlled ped can die?

    08. jun 2019
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    Seems like a great mod but takes a lot of work to get it going because of all the addons. I use Albo's Modding DLC Pack V and on the readme you can actually use his mod to make this a pack. Comes with an OIV Installer which makes it easy to install your mod. Currently this mod takes some time to install. Please make a Package Installer to make this mod into one DLC.rpf . Other than that I did play a bit and is a great mod but IMO not worth all the installation.

    27. maj 2019
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    @lucasvinbr NO, I got rid of the LSPersistence thing because the mod creator took it off the net. I do however have a game config installed to make heavy modding on OIV stable.

    13. maj 2019
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    Have a bug where enemy gang members will spawn to little forcing me to contently reset the enemy spawns.

    12. maj 2019
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    Can this mod be made compatible with LSPersistence? after about two waves during a war enemy troops stop spawning in, is 100% an incompatibility with LSPersistence as without that mod activated your mod worked perfectly. Is cool as game ran well with no FPS drop but the streets actually looked like a warzone as things didn't despawn as rapidly. Thanks and Super cool mod, wish there was a mod page for peoples configs for this though.

    07. maj 2019
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    @lucasvinbr I have two requests after playing your awesome mod for months now. First, I encounter what I think is a bug during a war with an enemy faction their spawn often stays in oen place but randomly it will start jumping around everywhere spawning enemy gang members all over the place in no rythmic fashion. This bug will then transfer to other wars until the game is restarted. (Not the mod) Second more of a niche, I tried making a player driven POLICE faction with members being police and cars all being police (Like a war against gangs thing) It seems though during a war my police related peds wouldn't spawn. Only vehicles. This made my war against gangs run impossible. Please fix this because I was interested in a war against gangs thing. (I know you can do it with the military but IRL that wouldn't happen) Great work, and I'm excited for more updates! I hope this will evolve to a whole complex strategy like game with resource management and diplomacy though that's far away, it is possible.

    30. jan 2019
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    @SH42913 Too bad, because I have like many others, visual overhaul mods. THose would affect a wide range of .metas (Nothing to do with peds though) Also, a popular mod is World of Variety which changes Ped Spawning. I hope you can make this mod more compatible with popular mods.

    21. jan 2019
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    @SH42913 > I have a serious game breaking bug cause 100% by the new version of your mod. I shoot peds until they die, literally 15 times in the head and seconds later they'll get back up and try to punch me. This breaks the function of your mod, one of the best mods I own. Please fix this, I have reverted back to previous mod version until this bug is fixed. I assume it may eb caused by a conflict though I have nothing that involves; player damage, PED damage or weapon damage. Basically you're are the only script that involves peds other than World of Variety.

    Russian >
    @ SH42913> У меня серьезная ошибка, приводящая к поломке игры, вызванная 100% новой версией вашего мода. Я стреляю по подушкам до тех пор, пока они не умрут, буквально 15 раз в голову, а через несколько секунд они встанут и попытаются ударить меня Это нарушает работу вашего мода, одного из лучших моих модов. Пожалуйста, исправьте это, я вернулся к предыдущей версии мода, пока эта ошибка не будет исправлена. Я предполагаю, что это может быть вызвано конфликтом, хотя я ничего не имею в виду; повреждения игрока, PED или оружия. По сути, вы - единственный сценарий, который включает в себя другие элементы, кроме World of Variety.

    13. jan 2019