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    @Kangouroux6 Hey man, it works really nicely thanks a lot!
    I needed this because using EAI lagged my game quite a bit. Thanks again man and good luck with the development.

    11. okt 2021
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    @Kangouroux6 I'm trying to make the City Shop outside of the dealership, can you give the rough coordinates for the parking lot beside it? Thanks for the awesome mod. :)

    10. okt 2021
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    @InfamousSabre Hey bro, first of all I really appreciate your mod, it's really cool and adds a lot of realism to the game, but currently I'm having issues (of course), these happened as followed:
    -Me and some other people I've checked in the comments are currently having problems with the ammo as it automatically sets to 0/0 in some Pistols, ARs, SMGs and Shotguns, I haven't tested in Sniper Rifles or any heavy guns (such as the Homing Launcher, Minigun, etc.) but I'm almost positive those aren't the only ones with the glitch. The guns I'm experiencing this issue with are the Combat Pistol, Mk II Pistol, Heavy Shotgun and other SMGs which I can give the full details of if you want.
    The problem happens when I spawn any of those above with my trainer (I've also tested spawning with different trainers and it still has this problem), the ammo display shows that the current weapon has 0/0 bullets but once I shoot with the weapon and hold the left mouse button it will automatically shoot non-stop until it empties the mag and it will then have no more bullets to shoot, if I only click the left mouse button it will shoot once and when pressed again it will have no bullets whatsoever.
    -Another glitch that happens is with the Combat Pistol, when I spawn the gun the ammo glitch happens, which I've explained above, and when I try looking at the weapon wheel I can't find the gun displayed in it, I've checked the pickups.xml file to see if it was any «group» option that was misplaced but turns out its the same as any other pistol group (which is 1).
    -When I try picking up a weapon from the ground, it will automatically be picked up, putting my previous equipped weapon on the ground and thus repeating the process until my character is several inches away from the weapon (usually I have to jump to some nearby roof or any high surface).
    I've downloaded your previous version since the Damage Engine isn't quite I'm looking for.
    But other than that, this mod is really cool as I've said previously and I'd love if it kept evolving, let me know if you or any other person has any fix to these problems which I'm sure I'm not the only one having.
    Thank you Sabre and sorry for this long comment. (I've rated this mod 5 stars if it helps you at all).

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    09. apr 2019