Downtown Anime Mod 1.6


Changes the downtown posters into anime adverts, plus many hidden extras for players willing to explore :)

Features many different famous anime, adds alot of extra color and vibrance. Fully compatible with Hollywood Anime Mod.


1.6 Update

Added many new images and re-textures to the remaining areas around the downtown area. Fixed several problems with textures overlapping each other - adding some emissive updates so some textures work properly at night.

How to install this mod ~ Follow the instructions carefully, each folder contains specific instructions.

Launch OpenIV (Remember to back up X64i.rpf before editting)
Press EDIT MODE in OpenIV

Go to GTA V/x64i.rpf/levels/gta5/_citye/downtown_01/dt1_21.rpf
Drag & drop files from dt1_21 folder into dt1_21.rpf

Press EDIT MODE again in OpenIV & exit out

Now go go back to the downtown_01 folder and enter dt1_22 folder and repeat

Launch OpenIV
Press EDIT MODE in OpenIV

Go to GTA V/x64i.rpf/levels/gta5/_citye/downtown_01/dt1_22.rpf
Drag & drop files from dt1_22 folder into dt1_22.rpf

Press EDIT MODE again in OpenIV & exit out
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First Uploaded: 30. jul 2015
Last Updated: 08. sep 2015
Last Downloaded: okoli 11 ur

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30. jul 2015